To The Highly Sensitive Person: Your Ability To Feel Everything So Deeply Is A Blessing


The more we are trying to be true to ourselves, the more we feel hurt. The more we feel so insecure and we feel this strong guilt of being able to feel everything around us.

Being sensitive is not a joke.

We just feel everything. We absorb all the energy surrounds us. Energy is circulating in, whether it is bad or good. It devours our soul and made it even harder to breathe.

We perceive every sense and it will take us to a higher level. Every smell, sound, touch, taste we feel is getting so intense.

Human interaction is a hard thing to deal with for the people like us, simply it’s because we tend to take everything in wholeheartedly.

We don’t want to see someone suffering, dying and crying – because we feel them too. What makes matters worse is that we are powerless to create a positive impact to help them out. Most of the times, these are beyond our capabilities and control.

It sometimes made us feel that some parts of us were losing, missing and even devastating.

We tend to search for the right place, but the truth is there’s no such thing as a right place for place for us; the only thing we have is ourselves and the outside world. It is simple as it sounds, but how should we define when something is “right”? We cannot expect something is right from the imperfect world – and that is the saddest fact that would crash our hearts into pieces.

It becomes easier for us to detach with what’s out there. The outside world is so wicked. They tend to judge us, label us, and tell us what we should be. We have a hard time to speak up even when it tears us down – our hearts are too fragile to see others hurting whenever they find out who we “really” are. We get so used to ignore the strong impulse from our hearts, even though they are almost in our throat, will soon be coming out as words from our mouth.

Our heart is easy to break, takes a lot of time to mend, but we are good at covering it. Pretend nothing happened is a good way to disguise our weakening self.

We are strong enough to hide our true emotions – and I believe we are also strong enough to tell them, to show them the real “us.” We don’t have to be afraid.

Sensitivity is the superpower we possess and we should be proud of what we have as a gift. We are the chosen ones who are able to sense every inch of everything. Let’s embrace this greatest blessing.