This Is How You Will Be Okay


Tell yourself you are going to be okay. Repeat it until you feel better.

Keep your head up. Smile.

Think positive thoughts, positive things will come your way.

If you ask the universe for what you want, the universe will help you get it.

Fake it till you make it.

Perception is everything. We are always told it is your attitude that counts.

These notions are not necessarily untrue. A positive outlook can make a huge difference in your daily life. If you are always in a bad mood and assume the worst in everything, then you are not going to be a very happy person.

The power of thought is indeed strong. It can convince us of just about anything we want. We can archive our dreams, conquer our fears, and do the unthinkable. The power of thought can make us feel strong. However, if we are not paying attention, it can be deceiving.

We often look at what is not going right in our lives and try to find an easy solution. We experience a relationship that has hit an impasse, a job that is going nowhere, mental health deteriorating, or an environment becoming toxic. We often contemplate our problems quietly, or talk it out with friends and loved ones. We are often told to just look on the bright side. Think of all of positive things we have going on in our lives and get on with it. So then we tend to think, “Yeah things are going to be okay. Just gotta believe it will be. Say it out loud. This is just a rough patch. It will just pass. If I can picture it okay, it will be.”

This thought process might make you feel better about the situation at hand. Things are not so bad if you just smile and “Be Positive.” That is what everyone tells you.

But sometimes positive thinking overshadows realistic thinking.

Because everything might NOT be okay. You may NOT be okay right now. And that is perfectly fine because you are human. Things will be sometimes not be okay. Sometimes the hardest part is accepting that you need to actually deal with the not OK stuff. Visualizing what you want in life and where you want to be is a great tool. But until you take physical action it will always stay in your head.

Sometimes you need to really look at a situation and realize I am not going to be okay unless I DO something to make it better.

Realizing and acknowledging things are not okay can benefit you. If you see your situation for what it is then you can help yourself. How can you be okay again if you don’t admit there is a problem that needs to fixed? Why imprison yourself in a situation that you can actually get out of.

So figure out how to make it better. You can decide to close a chapter, start anew or make amends. Sometimes you need to ask for help. Sometimes you need to look outside yourself for an answer. Make a decision. You must do more than just say, “It will be okay.”

You also need to admit that sometimes you cannot make something better. Sometimes you lose something you can’t get back. Sometimes a relationship is broken beyond repair. Sometimes an event happens this is just plain bad. You need to say, “Hey, it’s not okay. I am going to allow myself to feel this feeling of not being all right for now. Then, after I face the ugly truth, I will take action because I don’t need to feel like this forever. I can start anew”.

Sometimes it’s good to wake up and think, “Shit, I need to change something. This isn’t going the way I want it.” Sometimes you need to kick your own ass. Because you might actually have the power to make something okay again. Or at least, better.

You are going to be okay. If you admit that maybe, you are not right now.