This Is How You’ll Finally Stop Falling For Fuckboys


It won’t be through brute strength or willpower. It won’t be because your friend has confiscated your phone. It won’t be because you were hurt one too many times.

You already know better, you always did. But we all know things – no one contradicts the universal truth that sugar is bad for your health, or that fuckboys are bad for your heart.

You’ll get over fuckboys once your heart directs your mind. When your heart grows bored of repeated rhythms and patterns, and no longer skips a beat when a fuckboy slides into your DMs. Until then, you cannot reconcile your heart with your mind.

You’ll get over fuckboys once you undergo an internal erosion – a washing away of the chips and pieces of yourself that confused uncertainty for excitement, and lust for love. The precise moment when you can be sure you are safe from the wrath of fuckboys, is when you experience a palpable “been there, done that”. When you are sitting across from him at a dimly lit bar, laughing at his charming jokes and teases, enjoying his company – all the while realizing that while he may be a different character, he is playing the same role. And the final act will always be the same, and the curtains will close.

You know you could do it – go along with the show. Delay your responses, be hard to get. You could make him jealous, and delight when he feigns a trace of genuine emotion. You know you could win the victorless game. But somehow, you just no longer want to. The whole affair is no longer appealing. You have lost your appetite for the fuckboy buffet, with all its sides of insecurity, half-heartedness, and pain.

Once you realize that what you want is not just a different person, but a different theme altogether, you will finally be liberated from the allure of fuckboys. And it will feel oh so good, as you pack your bags of the past, and settle into a fuckboy-free future.