What To Remember When You Feel Like No One Is Celebrating Your Success


I think we have all had moments where we have sat down and thought about how life will be when “we make it” in life.

And when I say this, this can mean a lot of different things for everyone.

For some, it can be when you purchase your first home when you finally get that job you have been working to get for years, when you finally get into a relationship that is happy or healthy for you, or when you finally finish school.

The idea of “I made it,” looks different for everyone.

While I know it is definitely true that we never really reach a place where there is a finish line to where we want to be in life  when it comes to our lives and accomplishments, because as we know, life is ever-changing, but I don’t see a problem with being happy and genuinely reveling in your joy when you have reached a stage in your life that you are proud of.

And when we do get there, it is a celebration not only for us, but we often feel inclined to celebrate with others as well.

However, while many of us may think that when we do get our blessings that family and close friends will be happy for us, but I am here to tell you that is definitely, not true. 

Some people, whether it be friends and yes, sometimes even family, don’t necessarily want to see you succeed and reach a certain place in your life based on their own insecurities.

Because they aren’t satisfied with their own lives and how things have turned out, or maybe even because of their limited mindsets on success and happiness, they will want to rain on your parade and make you feel as if you don’t deserve what you have.

Well, I am here to let you know that if you know anyone like this or have experienced this be aware that you must love these people at a distance and never begin to shrink yourself because others make you feel bad for your success.

It always boggles my mind that people will belittle others for their accomplishments or would rather shut them down than wish them well, because no one has any idea how much you have worked, suffered, toiled, hurt, doubted, and had days where you had wanted to quit it all, perhaps maybe even on life itself, just to get to the days where you are able to smile, look at God and whisper, “Thank you.”

No one knows what you have endured behind the Instagram posts and smiling pictures. They just see what you show them. They just see the finished product, of you, holding the medal, but not the training behind the win.

So I want you to know that when you do get to a point in your life where you are truly happy with all of your accomplishments and you are relishing in your wins, I want you to remember that you deserve every single good thing that comes your way because you worked for it.

Only you know how much you have cried before you have become a published writer.

Only you know how much rejections you have received before becoming an author.

Only you know how much times you wanted to give up and throw in the towel because of how much you have gone through, just to get your degree.

Only you know.

So the next time you meet someone in person or online who wants to shut down your success, don’t feed it. Distance yourself from this behavior and surround yourself only with those who want to see you shine, who want to see you move higher in life. These are the people worth celebrating with.

And for the ones that don’t celebrate with you, well, they should have never been invited to the party in the first place.