This Is Me Letting Us Go


It’s true that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity speaks about our love. You will see how distant we are from each other and the light shining upon us is enough to cover the night sky. The farther we are, the longer it takes time for us to realize that our love is dying. It remains as a black hole without the glow of the neon lights at all.

And we, too, are both empty.

I guess the universe does not want us to wander in the sky with nothing but those tiny lights. Among the trillions of beautiful creations painted and created in this world, we are bound to part ways. You see, we cannot lighten our life when we are slowly dying because of loss of trust and faith as we keep on making this relationship work. There is no such thing as second chances, the stars should have to understand that they are meant to say goodbye to the moon when the right time comes.

We are supposed to be a part of a magnificent constellation, but you choose not to.

You leave me hanging as I watch people fall out of love and leave. Darkness invades the land and there is no more hope remaining in us. You tend to be the red star, the brightest star that gives off light to others as you can still be seen from a distance. Here I am, being the dwarf star in your life, possessing the tiniest form of light, occupying the smallest place in your heart.

I am sorry for being so weak and for not being a shooting star everyone wants to see while they keep on waiting and asking for their wish.

I am not a meteorite or a planet having all the qualities that you want me to be. I am simple and a plain star trying to give everything that I have even if it means turning myself into a black hole of flaws, gaps and doubts.

We are lost stars that keep on looking for answers and a place where we do not need to abandon our feelings because of too much admiration to the moon. We must find a way back home leading us to the path towards each other’s heart. We should stop wandering around but instead, we should learn how to stay, accept and love someone despite their imperfections.

Einstein is right. Starts turn into black holes as they already find the world where love continuously collides. Destiny indeed creates the most wonderful supernova and stays right there in your beating heart even if deterioration of the relationship is right there in their eyes. Soon, there will be no more stars left in the sky because we stop on believing and creating our own version of our universe.

We are both lost stars, my love. This feeling will soon get lost in the night sky and die.