You Were The Most Beautiful Storm I’ve Ever Had To Weather


We started like a drizzle; where raindrops of friendship started the storm in us. The love was little but it can help the flowers to keep on growing; indeed it made our relationship stronger. Then the wind came, the struggle of standing amidst the upcoming thunder remained in us. We were secluded in the dark clouds of guilt, of doubts, and mostly of uncertainty. We began to be afraid of the storm inside our hearts that we forgot to guard our own feelings.

Lightning came and started a fire burning inside our minds. Soon, misunderstandings and quarrels filled the atmosphere. We were no longer a fair weather. Our memories full of sunshine and laughter turned into a gloomy climate of rain, lightning and thunder.

I expected this relationship to grow like a spring. The flowers bloomed and the butterflies flew off with their wings. I imagined ourselves in the fields of dandelions while we both enjoyed the sunset as our scenery. Yet, our smiles that were meant to be like the sun became tears that signified the rain. There were no more rooms for a great morning; but only with a sleepless and tiring night.

It was terrifying to witness the hurricane alone, my love. The waves of pain and lies crashed our promises that resulted into a break-up. Our home made of trust and loyalty was bound to fall apart. I realized that indeed, we cannot calm the storm in us. We, ourselves, were the real hurricane and not our feelings.

Soon, the rain will stop on falling; the dark clouds will disappear; and the wind will blow a gentle breeze. This bad weather will soon pass and new beginnings await us. We just have to know we cannot be at the same place at the same time. Therefore, this relationship is not really for us, but I am hoping that someday it will. I know we are still meant to be.