This Is Me Putting You In The Past


I’m done. I’m letting you go, more like letting go of all the memories of us. All those happy memories that were filled with you. Filled with the times that you sent shivers up my spine when you kissed me. When you would look into my eyes; when your hands would stroke my back. And the way your strong hand enveloped my small one. The times that you would hold my waist from behind swaying with rhythm of our hearts.

All the memories of when you would pick me up in a hug and hold me tight when you saw me for the first time that day, I’m leaving that in the past.

I’m ready to start this next phase in my life without all those things. Without you.

I’ve held onto those thoughts long enough. I don’t want to be tied down to the memories of you when you have already cut the strings. This is me choosing a life without you.

This next phase of my life is going to be amazing, not because you aren’t in it but because I won’t be dwelling in the past, where you are. I am going to live in the present, enjoying what this life has to offer me now.

I may still think of you and all the happy times we shared. But the difference now is when I think of you, it will be in the past. You are in that small box in my brain that I choose to open not when I am sad and I want to remember a time that I was happy, but when I am happy I want to remember that time with you as another extension of my happiness.

I will think of you and our happy times, send blessings your way and hope that you are doing well, wherever you are, whoever you are with. There would be no need to continue dwelling in the past because my future then and my present now is wonderful and full of hope.

So this is me moving on. This is me thanking you for the great memories we had together. But that is all they are now; just memories of the past. And this is me putting all of you in the past and this is me living in the present.