To The One Who Said He Was Different But Turned Out To Be The Same


A Man: Someone who brings strength and respect into whatever environment and situation he walks into. He leads by example.

You say that you’re a gentleman yet you seem to only been able to be a gentlemen for a few weeks. Being a gentleman is a lifestyle, it doesn’t just go away when you don’t get what you want. You want to dismiss me so quickly because I won’t have sex with you outside of marriage.

A gentleman treats a woman and her standards with respect and wouldn’t violate them. It seems like you only know how to be a gentleman for a certain amount of time.

You have always said that you have no regrets about former relationships. I’m sure that’s true. However, I can tell you this now you will have regret over this. Maybe not now or next months. But you will look back and realize you made your decisions based on how other people treated you in the past. I would have never treated you the way anyone else did and i think that you knew that. I am not as hurt as you think I am because I didn’t let my guard down with you.

You have never asked me why I don’t want to have sex out of marriage. You have just made your own assumptions. A large part is morality but an equally large part is what I have witnessed. And making a mistake that can’t ever be changed is terrifying for me. You say that being sexually active in a relationship outside of the commitment of marriage is ‘insanely important’. However, the consequences aren’t worth it. I have many examples within my family where it didn’t work out for all parties involved. The reality of it is harsh and can take away dreams and freedom. That isn’t a risk I’m willing to take. I know many people who had sex outside of marriage and because they weren’t ready for the consequences, they ended up messing up their lives.

You say loyalty is extremely important to you and you know that loyalty is a principle quality in my life, but you aren’t willing to let me be loyal and committed to you and you don’t want to be devoted to me. You want to keep your options open. I know girls a lot better than you do. And let me just say that while there are wonderful, kind, confident and beautiful women out there, the reality is they are rare. For the most part when it comes to men, dating and relationships, they can be manipulative, backstabbing and petty.

You have said more than once you are different from other men. Tell me how are you different from all the others? It seems in one conversation you completely went against everything you said you are which is a lot like everyone else when they realize that they aren’t getting in a woman’s pants.

They are nice and respectful up to the point when they are told ‘no’, then they show their true colors. If someone respects women they don’t just date casually and make out with whoever. And those women that let a man drag them around don’t respect themselves and know their worth. If you aren’t willing to take a person and their standards seriously and treat them with respect, then you aren’t taking the relationship seriously, something that you told me that you do. You said that you were different from the rest. Seems like you made all your decisions with a single goal in mind. And that makes you no different from all the other guys.

After I write this, I feel sad that you said all this and didn’t realize the impact it would have on me, someone who respected you because you said you respected me. I feel sad for you. You didn’t choose your words carefully like I did and you let your emotions control your words. I am sorry that you back-pedaled on your words and what you told me you were and then told me that you were different from what you said you were.