This Is The Heartbreaking Truth About What It Means To Unlove Someone


No one ever teaches us how to unlove someone, how to unfeel all those feelings.

Nobody tells us how to rip out that page, scribble out the whole chapter, or just simply burn the whole book.

There isn’t a backspace to just delete all those memories that are written everywhere; The permanent ones, the favorites, the firsts.

There isn’t an eraser to erase how you felt that first time you met. The way your heart danced during your first kiss. The way your soul caught fire the first time they told you they loved you. No amount of eraser marks could ever cover that up.

There isn’t a manual on forgetting their favorite color or their birthday.

No secret map to a land that destroys them completely.

It just happens

You let in every ounce of pain and you feel it

You cry and cry… and cry

You wallow and you drown and you drown some more

Your lungs fill with water and you’re sure you’re a goner

But one day you come to the surface and you’re just okay

Your lungs fill with air instead of water

You don’t even know how you swam to the top

But You did

So maybe nobody can teach you how to unlove somebody. Maybe there isn’t a map to a place that heals us, maybe no eraser is big enough to erase them, and maybe the backspace button is broken. 

But you don’t need to ask for directions because the right path was always within you. You had the ability to find your way the whole time.

Because maybe if we love someone the love always stays. But maybe it’s tucked away in the darkest, dustiest place in our heart sealed away in a box.

But someone did teach you how to unlove them whether you realize it or not.

You taught yourself, every morning that you got out of bed even when you didn’t want to, every day you made it through the entire day without shedding any tears, all those moments you kept telling yourself it’ll be okay.