What If The Backspace Button Worked In Real Life?


I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we were able to just use a delete button to erase a lost love. Could it be so easy as to just press a button and remove it? Would it really work? Or would their memories still wrap around your mind like overgrown vines? Would their scent still fill your lungs like smoke from a fire? Would the color of their eyes burn a hole into your mind? Would you be able to unravel their string from your mangled heart? Would you be able to strip every piece of their love off of your bones? Or would all their love still remain?

Like when the silence sets in and all your memories come back to you. Flooding towards the gates, pushing past the walls, drenching everything in its path, submerging your heart all over again.

So even if we had a delete button would it really work? Could we really unlove someone with the click of a button? Stepping back and erasing only certain specks of time? 

 I don’t think that’s the way it works. 

Even if the delete button worked there is always the recycle bin that captures everything inside and holds on to it all.

But even then we couldn’t just delete someone who once used to hold our whole heart in their hands. They helped shape us, define us, mold us into who we are now. Healing is learning, healing is strength. And in order to heal, we have to feel, we have to let all those memories we wish so badly to just erase in, we have to let the pain flow through us, feel every single brutal inch of it. That’s how we heal, we embrace the pain, welcome it in like a long lost friend.

But don’t live there. You have to know when it’s finally time to let go. You’ll thank yourself. 

Be sure to remember all of it though, the happiness, the heartbreak, the healing, because all of it creates us.

So even if we could delete someone from our souls would you even want to?