This Is The Kind Of Love Worth Waiting For


Is the kind that’s hard to find, something that you don’t get to pick in an app where you’ll swipe ’em left or right; it is well-written by the author of love, and suited not just for your wants but also for your needs.

Because the love that you deserve should reciprocate the love you’re trying to give to everyone else.

You deserve the love that makes you feel appreciated and valued despite the imperfections marked all over you, that even though there are times you screw things up, you don’t have to be sorry because you’re accepted as you are and forgiven as you will be.

You deserve the love that never keep scores or lists of wrong doings because you know for sure that relationship is a commitment, a bond between two people, and not a competition of who will win or lose.

You deserve the love that gives you the satisfaction of being respected not just because you are a woman or man by sex/gender but because you’re human driven with principles and beliefs that they should understand.

You deserve the love that can make you laugh much as you do to your colleagues and friends. You’re the life of the party and you yourself is not exempted from experiencing the fun. A simple effort of dropping a corny joke in a gloomy day is worth it, I promise you.

You deserve the love that makes you feel wanted and cherished. Try to think of this, a person capturing your smile, your ordinary day look, your “stop there, that’s perfect” moment, and everything that amazes them, isn’t that wonderful? Feels good, right? It boosts your confidence knowing that someone’s impressed by who you really are no matter what the day is.

You deserve the love that doesn’t take up your whole life. You get the chance to grow as an individual with choices, dreams, and passions to pursue. Yes, you’re a team but that doesn’t mean you have to allot your full self to them; you’re a team because you support each other, keeping in mind that both of you has their own lives to live.

A love that is genuine, true, and real. That’s what you deserve.

You’ll get hurt and you cannot avoid that. It might sound weird but you deserve the love that hurts real hard, seeps inside, making every nerve in your body ache, because that’s the manifestation of genuine, true, and real love. It kills you and ironically makes you feel alive.

But you don’t give up. And the person you choose as a partner, as someone worth the fight, they don’t surrender easily either, because they know you’re worth more than anything, and you deserve that.

You deserve the love that fights for you, keeps you and stays with you whatever happens.

You deserve the love that doesn’t change you just to become right for them. You were you before they came into your life, you are the same as time goes by, and you will always be you until the end of time.

You are enough and you deserve the love that knows that in the very first place. Wait for that.