You Were Not Made For Mediocre Love


Selflessness and empathy are written in your story; it’s always about what can you do for another’s sake and how you can make them feel worthy enough. It comes to you naturally because you are born to see things beyond the surface; you know deep inside that these people are just like you—wanting, needing and craving attention, belonging, and acceptance.

For a person like you, who puts other people’s needs first on the list, who makes sure that their welfare is fulfilled in the most likely way, and who willingly gives without expecting something in return, you deserve all the great things in life especially in love.

You are not meant for something average, you are worth more than that. You are a precious human because you care more than you should, you give more than you can, and you love beyond your limits and capabilities.

So when I say that you’re meant to feel everything, it only means that you deserve to be pursued, cherished, and cared for. You’re destined to feel and receive the compassion you’re always handling to those in need. You’re worth every bit of effort.

And you deserve nothing but the best.

You don’t need a little bit of loyalty, you deserve ultimate faithfulness. You believe in people, you hold on to their abilities and talents, you stay true to them no matter what happens, and that should also go with the person whom you will save a space in your heart.

You deserve someone who won’t make you an option, who won’t ever leave you for some lame reason. You deserve someone who will stick around and stand by you.

You don’t need to settle for less, you’re bound for something huge.

You’re always willing to give what you’ve got without hesitation and second thoughts, an incredible piece of you that you simply can’t take away. When someone does a good act for you, returning them the favor in considerable amount is already noted to you. The person you will end up with should also strive to offer you all the good things in life; they should sacrifice and take risks just for you.

You don’t need sugar coating words, you’re meant for honesty. Being used to living the reality of this cruel world is etched to you. You’ve seen the fake, heard the hoax, experienced the worst. The person you deserve won’t break your trust, for them it is much better to hurt you with the truth than to comfort you with lies. You deserve the truth in whatever circumstances.

Mediocre love isn’t meant for a pearl like you. You’ve been through a lot, given so much, and sacrificed way too hard. Why not anticipate a love that is pleased to retaliate the things you do for others?

Because you’re so much more than what you think of yourself. Even though there are times you fail, you face shortcomings and you’ve been knocked down for countless times, you continue living, you continue giving, you continue growing, and you continue loving.

That’s who you are and you’re not made for any less than what you can be.

It’s not your problem if there are instances where they say you’re not good enough or you’re too nice; it’s them. The problem is within them because they don’t know how to value someone like you, an exceptional gem. They don’t know that there’s only one like you. They are being fooled of the concept that there’s better than you, of course there are, but a selfless creature that represents you is very rare nowadays.

So put your head up high, keep believing and keep on going. The love of your life may not come at the time you want them the most, but they will in time. You’re not made for “a little bit,” for less, for dishonesty.

You’re meant for everything that’s significant and worthwhile.