This Is The Type Of Partner You REALLY Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Wants to find someone they don’t have to act all tough around all the time, they feel like it’s an expectation they constantly have to live up to, but they can’t always be strong and they need someone to understand that.


Wants someone that they know will stay and always be there for them no matter what. They need someone they can be assured they can fall back to in case of really anything.


Wants someone who will laugh with them and constantly be by their side, someone exciting and funny with a good sense of humor.


They need someone who will pick them up when they fall and never judge them for their emotions. They’re brave enough to show them and that should not be taken for weakness.


Someone who will cuddle with them even when they’re angry, and who will let them know how much they appreciate them. Who knows just because they seem confident doesn’t mean they really feel that way on the inside.


They need someone who brings out their loud side, someone who teaches them they don’t need to be so shy or protected all the time and who would be willing to show them the world.


Needs someone who will reassure them, who will calm them down when they get stressed about something without a complaint in the world.


They need someone who will love them unconditionally and give them back just as much love as they need and won’t be willing to break their heart.


Need someone who knows when to give them space but will still love them more than anything despite how they can be distant.


Someone that will bring out the good side of them, make them laugh, and teach them to not be so serious all the time.


They need somebody who won’t give up on them even when they shut them out, someone who will act interested in them and make them feel important because they don’t get that feeling too often.


Need someone who won’t take them for granted, somebody that wants to spend a lot of time with them doing little things, and who will make them feel protected when their emotions are going out of control.