This Is What Happens When You Let Yourself Open Up To People


There will be times where you will meet people who will leave a lasting impression. There are times where you contemplate and think how in the world did we meet. You go on trips and make unforgettable memories.

But just like the seasons, things change. The summer rays are quickly replaced with the autumn clouds, and soon snowflakes begin to fall from the sky. People leave and embark on their own journey. You remember how their laugh would fill the room. You remember the jokes they used to tell. Eventually, those memories become a distant dream. But, you will always remember the emotional high you felt during those times. You thank them for the memories you shared.

This is how most relationships evolve, whether it be intimate or friendly. All your relationships make an imprint onto your soul. It may be a good or bad. It may leave you heartbroken or on cloud nine. Regardless, you fuel your personal evolution from these connections.

This has become so evident to me as someone who lives abroad. My home has become multiple places where I have ran into so many amazing people with outrageous stories to tell. Some are so different, but yet we find some common ground. We find a connection that we can laugh about together. There is something special about these connections I make abroad because they grow at an exponential rate. One day you may be strangers, but the next you are sharing your deepest secrets.

And this is the beauty of building relationships with people from different walks of life. You don’t know what memories you will share. You don’t know how they will impact your life. I know this for a fact. I would have not made the big leap to move to Europe from my comfortable North American abode if my eyes were not opened by the interesting personalities I met during my first short stint in Europe.

Your relationships with people are like the weather—unpredictable. But to fully experience life, you need to be open. You need to welcome uncertainty. Take chances on people, because they will always surprise you.