This Is Why I’m Single


“Why are you single?”

“Why should I not be?

Maybe, for the first time, I don’t need someone else.
Maybe I am whole without your half.

Maybe whether or not you like the way I look doesn’t matter.
Maybe I want to be seen for my mind and humor
and sometimes too-large heart.

Maybe I am tired of running
from what is good towards what is bad.
Maybe I have learned the value of trust
outweighs the value of someone’s weight next to me at night.

Maybe I know that my worth is not determined by your desire
for me, and maybe I desire nothing less than I am worthy of.

Maybe I understand that being on my own
does not make me lonely.

Maybe tomorrow I will meet someone
who does not need me, either.

Maybe the point is not that being single makes you free;
it’s about not giving your love to someone for free
When they haven’t earned it.