What It Feels Like When Love Isn’t Enough In A Relationship


It’s not that you haven’t found yourself in a position of heartbreak before because you have. It’s that you thought you got it right this time with the right person, but you’re back to square one. When it comes to love, there will always be pain and pain is what you feel in your heart and soul right now.

You thought that love conquers all, and for once, you actually believed in it. He showed you everything a man should treat you and you know that he loves you with the fullness of his heart. He promised you that you will only know the good kind of love when you decided to forego a relationship with him. For months you believed him because he kept his promise; he really showed you how heartfelt and pure love can be.

But why is it that after all these months, your heart is left in shambles?

Maybe love really isn’t enough to keep a relationship going.

When love isn’t enough, it doesn’t matter how much he means to you.

When love isn’t enough, all your attempts of making it work with him matters so little. It may not be a failure, but it just wasn’t enough to pull through the odds.

When love isn’t enough, the place they once made in your heart suddenly disappears.

When love isn’t enough, you begin to question what ‘true love’ is and if you’ll ever get the chance to experience it.

When love isn’t enough, you’re left in a state of confusion, calm, and frustration.

When love isn’t enough, you wonder if it is better to be blinded by love or not at all?

When love isn’t enough, you slowly learn that effort may not be enough to overcome the obstacles of race, religion, or nationality.

When love isn’t enough, you’re struck with the reality that factors outside of your control such as the color of your skin or your identity can serve as setbacks in your journey for a long-lasting relationship.

When love isn’t enough, you understand that it’s not always about your fault or his fault. There are things in life that aren’t meant to be and your relationship, unfortunately, is put under that category.

When love isn’t enough, you are reminded once more that experiencing pain is an inevitable part of life.

When love isn’t enough, you’re left to fend for yourself in a world full of individuals who seek nothing more than temporary physical pleasure and those who shudder at the sound of the word “commitment.”

When love isn’t enough, it hits you that this is the best time to become the strong person that you’ve always known about yourself.

When love isn’t enough, you focus on healing your shattered heart like a mature, independent adult.

When love isn’t enough, you learn to slowly accept that in life, you don’t always get what you ask for.

When love isn’t enough, you reignite a part of you that holds on to the hope that a lasting relationship is in the books for you. Maybe it doesn’t happen today or right now, but one day…Someday it’ll happen with a man who will choose you over and over again.