This Is Why There’s Strength In Being Kind


It’s hard to be kind. You’re always the one people run to when they have problems. Never mind the fact that you have your own demons to fight with. Never mind the idea that you’re still figuring out how to remain strong because you have no other choice but to be one.

You’re always there ready to save people even if in the first place, they’re the ones who caused you pain. You’re always there for everyone even if you don’t know who will come when it’s your turn to be rescued.

You keep on going because you know that people make mistakes. You understand that most hide their pains and heal themselves by hurting others.

It’s hard to be soft in a world where toughness is the standard. It’s a challenge to forgive when people choose to break you again and again. It’s difficult to absorb all the negative things and turn them into something good because most times, all you really end up with are scratches and burns.

But you realized that kindness is never a weakness. Kindness, no matter how many times it’s abused or taken for granted, is always worth it.

It takes strength. It takes a lot of courage to keep on believing when you’re surrounded by lies and deceptions. It takes a lot of faith to continue believing in people especially when they keep on giving you reasons not to. It takes a lot of maturity to forgive especially when you didn’t even hear an apology.

Only a few have the ability to share kindness because where will you even find something that comes to you rarely? How will you share something that most are so hesitant to give out? How will you manage to absorb the darkness and transform it into blinding brightness?

It’s hard to be good but it’s not impossible. There’s no such thing as too much kindness because even if it’s taken for granted, it’s not your fault but a reflection of who people are.

Being vulnerable may seem like a weakness but in reality, it’s one of the bravest things one can ever do. Opening your palms means catching pain but it’s also how you get hold of the good things.

There’s no assurance that the kindness you give out to the world will come back to you. You will get hurt but please continue because no matter how cold life may get, there’s still so much good left in this world. And as long as it’s present somewhere, it’s still worth fighting for.