What Does It Really Mean To Be Beautiful?


That man over there is so beautiful.” 

I’ve heard this said over and over again. I’ve said it, too. But, I have a lot of questions for you. When I quoted that, did you think about the man’s looks? Did you only think about the physical aspect? Or, did you think about the kind of heart that he possesses? Did you think about his soul at all? Did you think about how he sees the world? Did you think about anything else other than his looks that could make him beautiful? Perhaps. But, many people would think about his appearance at first. I think that we need to reconsider what we think of when we first hear the word beautiful.

The word beautiful is defined in many ways. One definition that I’ve frequently heard of is something that has qualities that gives a good feeling to different things: such as the eyes, mind, and the heart. Why, then, when we think of the word beautiful, do we usually think of what we see? Isn’t love a beautiful thing even though we don’t see it? It most definitely is. Why, then, do we think differently when it comes to humans? Why do we automatically think about appearance instead of the soul?

It is the soul that carries beauty.

Appearance should never be the the sole factor that makes someone beautiful. Maybe he is attractive, but what kind of heart does he have? How would he treat you? How does he treat the people around him? How does he treat animals? What is important to him? Does he have substance? What moves his soul? These are the kind of qualities that we should look for when we call someone beautiful.

I am extra careful about who I call beautiful. I can’t call someone beautiful unless their souls are, too. I can’t call someone beautiful unless they show me a kind heart. I can’t call someone beautiful unless I see kindness in their soul. Different people look for different characteristics and traits in a lover. But, if they were to ask me what beautiful looked like, I would tell them to bring me the man who has the kindest heart. To me, there is nothing more beautiful.

The next time that you call someone beautiful just by looking at them, without knowing how their hearts or souls are, I hope you think twice.