This Is Why You Should Go For Whatever It Is You Truly Want


What is that one thing that you’ve always wanted? That one thing that you’ve always dreamed about, but have never had the courage or the drive to pursue? Now is your time. The world is ready for you. The thing that you have always wanted is out there just waiting for you.

What is it that you truly want? What is it that will fill you up, brimming over your rim? What is it that will ignite your heart and send sparks and flames bursting out of you with delicious excitement and wonder?

You should go for it. Don’t give so much power to whatever it is that is holding you back. Replace your self-doubt with an action plan. Replace your nerves and fears with wonder and wanderlust.

Allow your fear to gracefully propel you forward rather than hold you back. Let your hopes and dreams be bigger than your doubts. What you want is out there, and what you want is yours for taking.

You should never feel pressure to settle for a second best life when the whole package is out there, just waiting to be opened. You don’t need to live a life full of what-ifs. You don’t need to settle for a glass half full, when the empty half is space filled with unopened dreams.

This is your chance. This is your life. It’s not a dress rehearsal…it’s the real deal.

And if you sit out on the sidelines, passively watching life happen in front of your eyes, you will miss out. The show will go on, but the audience will be missing out.. The world will be missing out on all of the beautiful passion and energy that will radiate from you when you are living your life fully; when you are out there chasing your dreams.

If you don’t go for it, you’ll never know what could’ve been. You’ll never know what it feels like to be full.

It’s simply not fair to you to ignore your heart. Don’t let your head flood with worries and fear. It’s better to fail than never to try.

And if you do fail? Make it beautiful. Let your failure be your masterpiece.

Let your failure be a great feat of bravery and growth.. Let your failure be accompanied by the highest high you have ever reached. If you do fail, you will be immensely proud of yourself. And honestly, you can’t fully fail, because no matter what, you will still be closer to something that you’ve always wanted. You will still have taken leaps and bounds, and reached wonderful new heights. You will have learned so much more about who you are. You will have transformed. So you truly have nothing to lose.

Now tell me, what is it that makes you ridiculously happy? What is it that brings life to your rosey cheeks and light to you sparkling eyes? You can have it. You can absolutely have it! All you need to do is take one little step in the direction of your hopes and desires. All you have to do is muster up a few small ounces of bravery.

There are a million reasons why you should go for it, and zero reasons why you should not.


Take that step. Go for it.