This Man Responded To A Wrong Number Text And Ended Up In The Middle Of This Family’s Wild Incest Drama


Honestly, I’m starting to get convinced that there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned wrong number text. Sure, sometimes you’ll just get a nice old lady who wishes you a nice day and never contacts you again once you tell her you’re not who she thinks you are, but sometimes you’ll end up in the middle of some crazy drama, and honestly, that’s just priceless.

Twitter user Jackson Strick was drinking with friends when he got a, erm, strange text from a number he didn’t recognize. He decided to try to keep the conversation going, and somehow he found himself in the middle of some pretty intense family drama.

Here’s a closer look at the messages, which just get wilder and wilder as they go.

But here’s where it gets REALLY juicy.


So yeah, maybe this girl’s a little crazy.

Or, like, really crazy.

Let’s just say that we are SHOOK.