Your Best Friend Is The Girl Who Gets Wasted With You


DISCLAIMER: I’m not promoting drinking (especially drinking so much you fall over). But if you’re going to drink anyway, do it with a friend like this.

She’s the one who will link her arms around yours when you’re stumbling down the street and need assistance to stand. The one who will help you into the Uber and make sure you get home safe and sound. The one who will text you first thing in the morning to ask how you’re feeling and if you remember the night before.

She’s the one who will wait on the bathroom line with you, even if it’s the third time you’ve gotten up that hour. The one who will order your favorite drink without having to ask what you want because she knows you that well. The one who will grab your hand and dance with you until her feet hurt from her shoes.

She’s the one who will grab your phone from your hand when you’ve had too much to drink and start talking about texting your exes. The one who will stop you from snapchatting when you are slurring too much for the internet to see. The one who will make sure you don’t embarrass yourself more than necessary — but if you do embarrass yourself, she will be right there next to you, joining in on the fun.

She’s the one who will intercept conversations to save you from dealing with creepy guys — but also the one who will become your wing woman when you come across a guy that you’re actually interested in.

In the beginning of the night, she’s the one who will take pictures with you before you get wasted, while your outfits still look good, and post them across Instagram. The one who will blast music while you get ready to prepare you for a night to remember. The one who will be excited as hanging out with you as you are to hang out with her.

And by the end of the night, she’s the one who will hold your hair back when you’re vomiting on the bathroom floor. The one who will encourage you to drink water when it’s clear that you’ve had too much alcohol and need to sober up. The one who will buy you food so that your hangover isn’t as horrible as it could be in the morning.

She’s the bad influence. The one who will encourage you to take a shot, even though you have to get up early the next morning. The one who will drag you to clubs, even though you would rather stay home. The one who will help you have the time of your life, even if you forgot what it felt like to smile lately. 

She’s the one who will encourage you to let loose and have a good time. The one whose main goal is for you unwind after your shitstorm of a week. The one who will help you forget about the stress of your job and your recent breakup and whatever else has been plaguing your thoughts lately.

The one who will help you out of your comfort zone and help you have a good time.