This Picture Of Beyoncé Ordering At A Restaurant Just Became 2017’s Greatest New Meme


Beyoncé has this amazing inhuman ability to make anything and everything she does somehow incredibly fascinating. Don’t believe me? All she had to do was go out to dinner with husband Jay-Z last night and now suddenly she’s a meme.

I’m dead serious right now. All she did was go to a restaurant.

I mean, I go to restaurants like twice a week and no one seems to care — everyone ignores me, including the waiter. But not Beyoncé.

I honestly don’t know how this even happened.

But am I mad? Yes, because how the hell did this happen?!

OK let’s be real, I can’t be upset about anything Beyoncé-related for more than like five minutes, so let the memes roll.

Love you, Queen, even when people are turning you into ridiculous memes.