The Unpleasant Truth Why It’s Your Fault That Your Forever Person Got Away


You Made Them An Option Not A Priority.

You didn’t make time for them like they needed you to, not like they deserved. You were too busy looking everywhere for what was right in-front of you. It took you hours to reply, days to call back. You didn’t do your best. Your words were broken like you left their heart. You stopped making things happen. You didn’t try to make things work. You got comfortable. You placed everyone else before them. You put the love, the magic, the art you had last.

You Chose Fear Over Them.

You chose your fear of commitment. You chose your fear of exposing yourself wholeheartedly over a soulmate connection. You chose comfort over change. You chose your wounds of the past over a bright future. You were scared to lose the best thing you have ever had but you lost it anyways. You chose your fear of seeing a forever with them over your fear of living without them. Because for the first time in a long time you were afraid of losing the taste of real happiness, the feeling of finding home. You were terrified that your dream will be taken away from you. So you  chose to hold on to a memory instead of a reality.

You Treated Them Wrong.

You treated them like they were ordinary although you knew the moment you met them that they were nothing but extraordinary. You were the reason behind their tears instead of being the reason they smiled non-stop. You took them for granted. You misunderstood their unconditional, once in a life time kind of love. You took advantage of their forgiving nature. You blew your chances away, one after the other.

You Forgot To Love Them.

You forgot to tell them how magical they are. You forgot to tell them and show them all the beautiful things you loved about them. You forgot to embrace the imperfect, the raw, the flawed. You didn’t dance when they asked you to dance. You forgot to kiss their eyes hello. You forgot to tell them you loved them every day. You forgot to make sure they knew it, that they believed it. You forgot what it was like to be proud to have them, to be by their side, to be the lucky one. You forgot to touch them. You loved your forever person like they were just for now. You didn’t hold their hand tight because you waved goodbye.

You Let Them Go.

You pushed your forever person away. You shut them out. You made them the enemy, you made them the problem. You didn’t ask them to stay. You didn’t fight for them. You didn’t become a better person for them. You demolished the foundation you had together. You killed the love. That one feeling that does not come often. The kind of feeling that changes you. The kind of feeling you hear about in the movies. The kind of feeling you dream about. The kind of feeling of forever.