This Trump Supporter On Facebook Says That ‘Fake News’ Is Any News She Doesn’t Like


Without a doubt, numerous things propelled Donald Trump to victory last November.

A struggling economy, his opponent’s low favorability ratings, his propensity to “tell it like it is” (even when it’s not true). However, one thing that also helped seal his victory was “fake news.”

Fake News could be broadly defined as websites that purport to be news organizations, but actually peddle totally fictional stories. The satire/weird news “hybrid” platform called NewsLo is a good example of this.

But since the popularization of the term “fake news,” many conservatives have misinterpreted the meaning — branding the term to any news report they don’t like. Donald Trump famously called CNN fake news because they reported on a document he didn’t want them to.

This problem is personified with this woman, who did not believe any of the credible news outlets that proved her wrong.

Her name has been redacted by the original poster on Imgur, but it all begins with “redblock” posting an article on her Facebook timeline. She is applauding President Donald Trump for working hard on three executive orders, instead of “playing golf.”

But then someone swoops in with an inconvenient truth about the article she posted. One of the executive orders was (arrogantly) a document to declare his own inauguration as national holiday.

But “redblock” doesn’t want to agree with “greenblock.” So they posts a link to the GQ story confirming his statement.

She immediately dismisses it as “fake news.”

So they post a link to the Federal Registry — where all executive orders are cataloged; as well as a link to The Guardian, which is a very historical and reputable paper.

She dismisses it all as “fake news,” and encourages “greenblock” to watch some TV to get real news.

“I can’t anymore with the left.”

Facts can be stressful.

She dismisses every single link that was posted to confirm the story as “Facebook” and not “the news.”

One of the first readers to see the post somberly commented, “This makes me want to run toward the nearest living thing and kill it.”

Another satirically remarked, “I am an avid news person. I have all the best news. Everyone says so. It’s the best news. It’s gonna be great.”

This is the environment that Donald Trump has helped to create. One where nobody trusts the news, except the news that they like.