When Dating A Writer, Choose Your Words Carefully


Part of being a writer includes putting a great deal of thought into the words we use in almost every situation.

Every word typed in a text message, every word scribbled on a handwritten letter, and every word uttered over the phone or in person is often specifically chosen when coming from a writer. It’s just how many of us are wired.

We sift through the bowels of our internal thesaurus not because we’re trying to impress someone, but because we want to convey our emotions with the highest level of accuracy and emotion.

Writers are passionate human beings, with minds that think differently and eyes that view with a different perspective.

We know the power words can have, which is why we’re more cognizant than most when choosing our own.

The thing about a writer’s words is that they are pure, and genuine. We do not use them as a spell to deceit, or as a weapon to cause harm. We say what we feel, and we mean what we say, and that is often what gets us into trouble in romance. Because we put so much stock into the words we choose, we assume others do the same, and that is often not the case.

Writers are terrible at controlling their emotions, but they are experts at expressing them.

The words of a writer are black and white — you’ll know where they stand, and you’ll know where you stand with them — but we often see in various shades of grey.

We won’t just read the words in your text or your letter — we’ll break down each sentence and interpret what its true meaning is. We won’t just hear the words that leave your lips — we’ll listen to the tone of each syllable and study your body language while you’re talking.

We will not craft heartwarming prose for just anyone, so do not take our words as if they were sent by just anyone. We will not tell you that we’ve been hurt if we do not care for you, so if we take the time to tell you how you hurt us, please understand that it’s because we give a damn about you. Unfortunately, we are prone to believing most other people act this way.

If you date a writer, please choose your words carefully. You can break our hearts, but please do not ever break our faith in the power of words.