This Walmart Product Description Used A Racial Slur And People Online Are Pissed


Trigger warning: some tweets below have the use of a racial epithet.

I’m not sure how we still live in a world where people think the N-word is a cool and fun thing to say, but here we are in 2017, having to explain the same thing over and over again. This time, Walmart is the offender — except this time, it may not have completely been their fault.

A third-party vendor on Walmart’s website was selling their darker wig caps under the description “n*****-brown”. Trust me, users noticed.

At first, people weren’t sure if it was real.

But trust me, they found out real fast.

Other stories carried the same product, but there was one key difference:

Walmart has since edited the product description and issued an apology via Twitter.

While it’s true that it was a third-party vendor that wrote the description, whoever was in charge of uploading the products probably should have noticed and edited the slur out.

I guess Walmart’s not getting off the hook that easily.

Hopefully Walmart will get their shit together fast to make sure this doesn’t happen again.