Last Night’s Bachelorette Rose Ceremony Was Devastating And We Are Not Okay


The following article contains spoilers from The Bachelorette.


So, last night was hometown date week on The Bachelorette. The remaining four contestants – Eric, Bryan, Peter & Dean – brought Rachel home to meet their families and experience their hometowns.

The dates were mostly nice, unremarkable and par for the course except when it was Dean’s turn. Dean has told Rachel (and all of Bachelor Nation, by now) that he is estranged from his father and hasn’t spoken to him for two years. So, of course, ABC was down for the drama from a weird family reunion.

It was really uncomfortable to watch Dean’s anxiety leading up to the date. At one point he stopped short in front of his dad’s house and said “I’m not scared, I’m terrified”. The date was kind of awful as Dean confronted his father over family issues and his father stormed out of the house. Rachel tried to bridge the gap between Dean and his dad but of course, there was too much bad blood between them and even the Bachelorette couldn’t solve that. Sigh.

At the end of the date, Dean told Rachel he was falling in love with him and she said SHE WAS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM, TOO. Which was weird because Bryan also told Rachel he loved her during his hometown date and Rachel didn’t say anything back. Eric also, sort of, told Rachel he loved her and she didn’t respond in kind to him either. So it was a good sign when she said it back to Dean, right?


People were pissed at ABC for broadcasting the painful family reunion.

Others took heart from the possibility of Dean being the next Bachelor. (PLEASE, ABC, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE 🙏🏼.)

Ugh. We’re still not okay but if Twitter is any indication, Dean isn’t going to have any trouble finding a new girlfriend.