This Woman Is Suing Her Apartment Complex After She Fell Out The Window While She Was Sleeping


​Shelbi Macholz went to bed one night and woke up with fractures to her pelvis, tailbone, and back after rolling off her bed and out of the window of her third-story apartment. The woman is now suing her apartment complex for $230,000 for failing to have window guards that could have prevented her injuries.

Only a few blocks from Oregon State University’s campus, the accident happened at 4:48 a.m. on July 27th, 2014. The 22-year-old was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was “dosed with painkillers, blood-clotting agents and other medications,” according to her suit.

Oregon Live point outs this kind of accident is rare and victims of improper window safety are usually children under the age of 5. Although window guards are required in NYC for buildings with three or more apartment units, the city of Corvallis, Oregon doesn’t require apartment building management companies to install the devices in their windows.

In her suit Macholz says the apartment complex failed “to warn her of the latent danger of fully opening a window on the third floor of an apartment building.” She’s seeking up to $80,000 for medical costs and up to $150,000 for pain, suffering and interference with her ability to enjoy life.

While this is definitely a terrifying experience I’m curious just how big her bedroom window is to be able to just fall out of it. And if the window is large enough that an adult can fall through, shouldn’t you probably move your bed away from it? Just saying.