This YouTuber’s Definition Of Success Is One Of The Most Beautiful Videos We’ve Watched Today


In a world that sometimes feels like it is constantly asking us to compete, and succeed, it’s always nice to be reminded about what actually matters in life. YouTuber Gabriel Conte created a viral video entitled “How I Became So Successful” and though it is not what we expected — it is everything we needed.


Conte’s ability to turn what success means on its head, and shape it into something that is emotionally rich, has our hearts swelling with feeling today. Conte mirrors stunning imagery with electric prose to drive his production. He claims that his success comes from love, and hope, and his capacity to follow his creative passions. His success comes from his wife, from his family, from his faith. Success to Conte is not money, but rather, it is connection — and that is special.

So, what does success mean to you? We hope that this video positively influenced and empowered your definition just as much as it did ours.