To All The Beautiful People Out There Who Are Not Afraid To Pour Their Hearts Out


To the ones who let it all out in their art, to the fearless ones who say everything others are afraid to say, to the ones who bare the innermost parts of their souls to strangers, who open up their lives and themselves for criticism, who expose themselves in ways people would kill to avoid….you are brave, you are powerful, you are honest, you are inspirational and you are changing lives.

With every honest word you write, with every dark secret you reveal, with every story you tell and every experience you share, you are changing lives.

When you talk about your heartbreak, people are falling in love with you, when you talk about your anxiety, people are finding solace in you, when you talk about your pain, people are finding a remedy for theirs and when you talk about being lost, people are finding themselves.

To the ones who write things that show their vulnerability, that show their imperfections, that zoom in on their flaws….you are beautiful. In the way you transform your wounds into art, in the way you’re trying to understand your imperfections, in the way you analyze everything, in the way you analyze the world and analyze yourself. You’re beautiful for trying to understand what’s going on in the world and helping others find peace in chaos.

To the ones who are afraid of their own feelings, who are afraid of the truth but they say it anyway, the ones who may not know where their words will take them but they’d rather go with them than keep them bottled up, to the ones who don’t always have a shield, the ones who don’t really care about how people see them or how the world will judge them, to the ones who know they’re different than most but not better than anyone….you’re great and you’re destined for greatness.

Because the world needs more people like you, people who don’t shy away from the truth, people who don’t wear a mask to hide who they are, people who choose to expose themselves, who are not afraid of their vulnerability, who are not afraid of their mistakes and those who are not afraid of their thoughts.

The world needs more people who give others hope, who let others know that it’s okay to be themselves even if they’re not perfect. People who know how to find beauty in pain, beauty in scars and strength in weakness. They know how to find honesty in lies and kindness in evil. The world needs more people like you because you make the world a better place.

You make the world a better place with every word you write, with every song you sing, with every story you tell, you make it better.

You make the world a better place because you show the world your heart — in a world where everyone tries to hide their heart, you flaunt it.

In a world where everyone is selfish with their heart, you pour it out.

To the ones who pour their hearts out: never stop, you keep us alive, you give us hope, you remind us to dream and you remind us that we have a heart and that we should use it more often.  

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.