You Only Want Me When I’m Easy


You only want me when…
When I am soft and warm and gentle
When I lay down my head in your arms, and ask to be held
When I am beat up by the world and need to revert back to me
When I need to lay down my spiky armour for the day
When I want to day dream about being housewife and making jam

You only want me when I say yes…
Yes to your plans, however absurd
Yes to your undying lust for my words and stories and intelligence
Yes to your fantasy of a white picket fence future
Yes to your need of support

You only want me when I make promises…
Promises to say yes
Promises to be careful
Promises to play it safe
Promises to check in every hour
Promises to be kept guarded
Promises to be yours on lock

You only want me when I don’t scare you…
With my words
With my intelligence
With my need for self-actualization and self-love
With my need of others love in my life
With my desire to leave my small but indelible mark on this world
With my strength to withstand my hardships with quiet ease
With my empathy for others.
With my sometimes ambition to save the world.

You only want me…
when I am not yours to have.