‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Is Officially Getting A Sequel — Here’s What You Can Expect From It


We all fell in love with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in the Netflix Original To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, but despite the movie being based off the first book in a young adult trilogy, we were never promised a sequel. Which was surprising, honestly, considering To All The Boys quickly became one of Netflix’s most-watched movie of 2018.

It turns out, Netflix was saving the sequel for something big, and now we finally know what it is: the streaming site recently began negotiating for a multipicture deal with film production behemoth Paramount Pictures. One of the first things the two companies discussed was the next To All The Boys movie, which means there’s a very big chance it’s going to be coming out way in the next year or two.

So, now that we can expect to get a sequel, what can we actually expect from that sequel? As any reader of the trilogy knows, there’s still a lot of drama coming for Lara Jean and Peter K., it just depends what (and how much) the movie plans to explore. Here’s what we’re predicting.

1. There’s A Lot Of Drama Coming For Our Favorite Couple

I know Lara Jean and Peter K. ended the movie on a good note, but if the next movie is anything like the book it’s based on, it’s not going to stay that way for long. In fact, in the original books, Lara Jean and Peter didn’t even make up by the end of the first book and were in a weird place when the second book began, and even when they did finally get back together, things didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped.

To be fair, a lot of that drama was assuaged in the first movie — everything with the hot tub video seems to have blown over, and, to an extent, Genevieve has been called out and dealt with (at least, for now). But the next chapter is really going to test Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship, and is probably going to change how the world views Peter K. — for better or for worse.

2. Genevieve’s Reign Of Terror Isn’t Over Quite Yet

Lara Jean has already confronted her boyfriend’s ex-lover, probably for the sake of a tidy ending — in the series, LJ doesn’t confront her tormenter over the hot tub video until pretty late into the second book, causing a lot of tension in her own relationship. But even without the hot tub video looming over their heads, I’m sure Genevieve is still going to play a big part in this next film, especially regarding the problems in Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship. Let’s just say that the devil works hard, but Genevieve works harder.

3. There’s A New Love Interest For Lara Jean

Okay, okay, don’t freak out just yet. We all know that Young Adult series tend to love the love triangle trope, and this particular trilogy is no different. We already got a glimpse of the man who has the potential to shake up Lara Jean’s world (just rewatch the very last scene of the movie), but what really might surprise you is that you’ll probably actually sort of like him. No joke. John Ambrose McClaren has already stolen plenty of readers’ hearts, and though you might not want him with Lara Jean (or you might — who knows), you’ll probably want him for yourself.

4. There’s Going To Be Plenty Of Family Time

You can tell author Jenny Han really appreciates family by the way she writes about LJ’s father and sisters, who are pretty much her only friends (minus Chris and Lucas) and her support group. Don’t worry, you’ll still be seeing a lot of Dad, Kitty, and probably even Margot, even though she’s out galavanting the world. If the books have taught us anything, there are two things in this world that Lara Jean Covey absolutely cannot live without: fresh-baked cookies and family.

5. Don’t Expect To See A Lot Of Josh

Sorry, Josh-lovers, but there’s a pretty big change this role is pretty much nonexistent in the next movie. Partially because Josh’s role as a love interest was diminished severely in the first movie (in the To All The Boys book, Josh actually kissed LJ and fought for her affection) and also just because, well, he’s not really needed anymore. Even in the books, once Lara Jean starts dating Peter, she and Josh just aren’t that close anymore. (It doesn’t help that actor Isaiah Broussard suffered a social media scandal soon after the first movie was released — while the movie’s creators could certainly overlook that, it wouldn’t be that surprising if they instead chose a direction that distanced themselves from Broussard.)

So there you have it — my humble opinions of what we can expect from the next chapter of Lara Jean and Peter’s story. It’s totally possible that the writers will take the sequel in a totally different direction and abandon most of the book completely (or even skip ahead to the drama of the third book instead), I’d like to believe it’ll stay true to its fans and its source material and give us the drama we’ve all been waiting for.