To All The Girls Who Are Afraid To Fall in Love Again


You met a guy and everything was going well, until he broke your heart.

It hurt. You whole body hurt. You cried, alone in your bed, for weeks. The only remedy you found was to seek attention from strangers. So, you went on numerous lame dates and hooked up with guys you were not even 100% interested in. You just liked the attention and the compliments. Until you had enough. You realized your worth. Now, you know it is time to put your life back on track. It is time to focus on what you really want for yourself. It is time to heal.

You realized you didn’t want to heal first, because you were afraid. But, darling, what were you afraid of ?

You were scared to let a new person in, again. You were afraid to tell them all you secrets, all your weird habits and all your dreams. You were afraid they would toss them in the trash or use them against you. You were afraid they wouldn’t treat you as you deserved, again. That’s why you were escaping. Every time a guy wanted to get to the next stage of your “relationship” (which was never that in your mind!), you found an excuse (i.e. find him an unforgivable flaw he didn’t have) and you fled. You were afraid it wasn’t going to be as romantic and powerful as you wished it to be. You were afraid to open your heart.

The truth is: life is never like we plan it in our minds. Sometimes, it plays tricks on us and sometimes, it fills us with wonder.

You never know when you can meet your next boyfriend or the love of your life. Therefore, just forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself, for being too picky, for saying the wrong things, for past mistakes and misjudgments. Nobody has it all figured it out, you know. We all stumble on our own path and we just keep trying until we reach our happiness.

So, at the end of the day, you have to let go. Free yourself from any doubts, hesitation, silly existential questions and take a risk.

Now, I hope you’ll take that risk: to go on with your life and love deeply.

I hope you’ll have the courage to tell your crush you like him. I hope you won’t be afraid to kiss him. I hope you won’t be afraid to be yourself around him, otherwise, it won’t be worth it. I hope you will be able to finally see and realize how incredible you are.

Because if you never try, you will never know how magic love can be?