An Honest Question: Is Everyone Going To Cheat On Me?


Since summer has hit, I have luckily had a lot more time to relax, unwind, and watch a few TV Shows on our trusty, Netflix. Most being only 10 or so episodes with 1 season, they’re pretty easy to binge. While some may be more enjoyable than others, they all share one common theme: characters that are unfaithful. If I’m being honest, it’s getting old and becoming boring to watch. In some cases emotional or physical infidelity has a purpose in a plot, leaving the viewers rooting for history or newfound passion. However, the more common it becomes, the more I’ve been questioning, is this the future of every relationship? Based off of recent TV shows, it seems the answer is yes. However, I’ve discovered that in reality, that theme is everything but the truth. Here’s why…


Divorce Rates are Dropping

Recent research goes to show that with newer generations, divorce is becoming something of the past. Results show that Boomer’s have high rates of divorce in comparison to their millennial children. Millennials and younger are paving the way to being more selective in marriage partners, taking time before saying yes to a ring, and then remaining loyal after the “I do’s” are said.

Now, you may ask, how does this show that the cheating trope is inaccurate? Well, in fact, infidelity and divorce go hand-in-hand with infidelity being the number one reason behind why most marriages crumble. However, with younger generations being more careful who they jump into a partnership with, the likelihood of this trope occurring in real life is much lower than what TV shows make you think.


The Sex Recession

In 2019, our society has become entirely inundated with sex. It’s everywhere we go whether it’s through advertisements, TV, music on the radio, etc. This constant influx of sex has also influenced social media and how we experience love in the modern day. With dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc. it’s easy to assume that we would be having sex now more than ever. However, it is in fact, the opposite. Watch this video to see a quick overview of all the reasons why:

With sex and physical desires being easily gratified online and by our lonesome, the act of sex is dwindling. The way we date and interact with one another is changing and that has an impact on our relationships as well. With physical desires and kinks being just a click away, the need to satisfy these cravings in real life is at a low, leaving this TV trope in the dust.


The Rise of Rule-Followers

In a world where social media is at its peak, going against societal norms holds consequences that may be more intense and long-term than in prior years. With the long-lasting technology and massive social followings of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, constant intake of news from various sources, etc. one mistake could loom over you forever. This video below speaks on Public Shaming and how it has overtaken our attention today:

Just last week I was watching a video by a prominent Youtuber where she discussed, for 30 minutes, how she had discovered the night before that her boyfriend had cheated on her. When I found her profile on Instagram, I saw that internet trolls had tagged her in many photos of her boyfriend in an effort to expose him. While no, I don’t think cheating is right and that she deserved to vent, I also don’t feel this boy should necessarily be forever followed by his mistake and taunted by her 1.2 million followers. However, we live in a viral age and sometimes that’s just the reality of the situation. That being said, younger generations have been raised with a fear of breaking the rules for it could haunt them forever. These rules to be followed include, monogamy, and therefore are linked to the inaccurate theme that nearly every spouse cheats on their partner.


All of that being said, I have come to realize why I am so shocked and surprised when I see a healthy relationship portrayed in a TV Show. It’s because unhealthy ones have taken the foreground and loving, respectful ones like John and Moira Rose from Pop’s Schitt’s Creek, or Ruby and Stan Hill from Netflix’s Good Girls, have taken the back burner. No, I don’t think love and marriage is all butterflies and rainbows, but I certainly do think that good, healthy marriages exist and are not as rare as they’re portrayed to be on TV.