To The Girl That Doubts Herself The Most


To the girl who doubts herself the most,

If you are tired, rest. You, of all people, cannot give up. You are strong, appreciated, and have grown so much. No human being is perfect- do not strive to be. You will make it where you are meant to be- with people who are meant to be in your life and you doing what you are meant to do.

Be patient. I know you get extremely anxious about every little thing, but things will not be as bad as your thoughts are. Do not give in to negativity- it is the easiest thing to do but it will ruin you. Be patient with yourself as you will make countless mistakes. Be patient with others when they do not understand you and hurt you- whether on purpose or against their will.

You will not get things right the first time all the time- allow such to happen. You may not see it now, but it is how you learn. You learn by not knowing what to do and you learn by failing miserably. You learn by picking yourself up after every fall. You learn by getting hurt and crying about it… and letting yourself feel what you are supposed to feel.

Learn to trust the process and trust in fate. You will never have full control over everything. Allow things to happen the very way they are supposed to unfold. All that is happening, has happened and will happen will lead you to your place in this world.

Do not be afraid. This is who and where you are meant to be.

Trust in fate. Trust in you.
Trust the process.