To The Girl Who Doesn’t Understand How To Love Herself


To love yourself is to honor everything inside you that makes you powerful beyond measure. You need to love yourself at some point because if you don’t then you miss out on numerous discoveries on how capable you really are, how intelligent you can be, and how much love you can really give without being scared of every move you make.

Loving yourself is more than commercial propaganda you see on social media or advertisements. It’s about realizing and celebrating the abilities you possess, the heart you have yet to give, and the life you have yet to live. I understand how it is a process and it will take a while until you can truly learn, but trust me when I say that there are people living in this world at this moment who have succeeded in being happy with just the way they are. You learn to love the worst parts of you and turn it into something better than it was before when you learn to love everything about yourself.

When you love who you are, you learn to let in more people into your life.

You won’t be suspicious or looking for excuses to use something against them anymore. You will learn to trust and see the good in them instead of being scared of getting hurt all the time. You’ll come to understand that every single one of us living in this world is human and making mistakes is expected but so is learning from them too. You’ll react less abruptly towards hate aimed at you. You will see past the aggression, past the tension, past the temper and understand that pure and usually emotional/logical reason why they’re being like that in the first place. Mean people won’t be too much of a threat to you basically. It is actually one of the most empowering parts of learning to embrace the very worst parts of you, not only will you learn to love them but you will always start relating to people who have similar not so nice parts of themselves as well, and you will learn to love them too.

You learn how to be fearless because by the time you come to completely love yourself, you’ve had to overcome many things that were meant to harm you, you’ve had to solve the most difficult of problems where you wouldn’t have thought of any solutions for it, and you’ve had to survive loss and heartbreak that tempted you every single day to just give up. You learn to believe in yourself because after you’ve survived numerous storms; you will finally have proof of how strong you really are. How much pain you can take and how you’ve realized to sit and deal with it instead of running from it because you believe and have faith that you will somehow come out on the other side smiling. But you’ll also learn to cry on days you just need to, to admit you’re hurting without the fear of being judged or labeled as weak, and to be tough without the intention of hurting anyone.

To love who you truly are is the epitome of living the best life you can ever live. Self-love is the secret to creating the best possible version of who you want to be.

It’s more than pretty words on a page, more than an advertising tagline; to love yourself is to admire your soul for everything that it’s been through because through thick and thin, it celebrates you.