To The Girls Who Have Earned Everything They Have


You’re probably not the one with the easiest upbringing, your parents were probably never home or always fighting, and you probably even had an attitude problem. But you were also independent, self-taught on most things, and a lot stronger than those kids whose only problem was the fact that their mom forgot to pack them an extra Jello cup in their lunch box.

I’m talking to the girl whose parents moved from one country to another to make sure the probability of their children’s opportunities expand and soar beyond their wildest dreams, I’m writing to the women who work hard to achieve the best life they could possibly live by balancing their mind, body, and soul into their work and personal life in order to establish and exemplify to society what can really happen when you fight against adversity, and I am lastly expressing myself to the little girls out there who have dreams the size of a princess in her own castle or a famous singer one day in Hollywood. They are the future women of the next generations with a vision of hope so clear that whatever they desire and whatever they dream of becomes a reality.

You’re probably a girl who stems from tough love and who always has a brave face on. But you’re probably also the one who has an undying faith in herself because you’ve learned how to be your own cheerleader.

You’ve probably never had it easy but you don’t really mind because you know its made you one heck of a strong woman. You’ve probably had to work twice as hard as someone who just passed the job interview after the first try did but you’ve only learned to use that to your advantage rather than a reason to give up.

Listen to me, beautiful girl, you are one badass woman. Look at everything you have overcome, reflect on the things you have stood up for, be proud of every painful moment that you have turned into something more powerful than expected. I know there are days when all you can feel is the pain and wonder why all the bad things had to happen to you when you didn’t even deserve them.

But the truth is, God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers and that alone, is a pretty good compliment to hear.

There is a blessing in your pain, in your struggle, and in your hardships. There is a light at the end of the tunnel in your disappointments, your frustrations, and your failures. There’s always hope because when you learn from your mistakes, you learn that there are as many chances you get to fix them. You become a better person for it. You become someone who is more open, adventurous, fearless, and confident. You learn to hold your head up high and smile knowing that no one can judge you for the things you’ve done in the past in order to survive because you’ve already made peace with it.

The truth is, the odds were never in your favor, but you made damn sure they were.