To The Man I Will Love Forever


Even though we may or may not have met, I still keep my heart open for you. I smile as I picture our future together. I picture waking up next to you, whether we cuddle like bunnies or sleep apart like fire and ice.

I picture taking long walks with you whether it is around the block or in the middle some hiking trail that I will blatantly hate due to my perceived unfitness. I picture days and nights wrapped up in your arms. The same place I call home and also the same place I head for when I feel like wailing like a kid.

I picture birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays in between spent with your family and mine where it’s like one big humongous family.

I look forward to the beauty of your laughter and the charm of your smile. I look forward to having my heart utterly melted every single time you look at me that way. I think Rascal Flatts’ Melt pretty much covers it.

I picture the fights and the make ups and the kisses that may or not find their way to each other. I picture you being authentic and being the best version of you, while I slay the world with my badass authenticity. I picture days where I can only be silent with you and I take comfort that no words need to be said. I picture you taking care of my heart as your own as we both protect each other. I picture a life of love and laughter and sunsets at 90 maybe 120. Who knows? I picture wearing matching outfits and slaying all the Power Couples before us.

I picture listening to your heartbeat as I lie on your chest, knowing that I make you happy.

I picture us creating a home and kid (s) (jury still out on that…we can always discuss my uterus later). I picture us being a team of one, strong, successful and resilient. I picture other couples pointing to us saying that’s what they wanna be #relationshipgoals. I picture making you happy with my silly ass larger than life bubbly personality. I picture being with you through the good, bad and whatever issues pop up. We will get through this together.

Disclaimer: I hope to annoy you with kisses, hugs, and all my affection forever. Yes, you will be subjected to PDA, as I am proud to show the world what a hunk I have been the luckiest girl to snag. I picture growing better each day with you. I vow to accept you — flaws and all. I look forward to sharing eternity…