To The Men Who Redefine What It Means To Be Great


You are the one who worked two jobs to provide income towards financial gain and stability. What they ate and where they lived was mostly because of you. You are the one who drives as far as you can go just to see her face again because it’s the way her voice sounds, the way her hair flows, and the way she looks back at you is something any man could only dream of. You are the one who’s been there to listen to all of her stories of heartbreak, betrayal, and disappointments.

You are the ones she loves with her whole heart.

On behalf of the women whom you love and respect, regardless of what you think or what you say, you are great men. The amount of times you would sacrifice the things you usually prioritize over anything for her, for him, or for them is something to never lose recognition for. It’s the way you respect the fact that she will never agree with everything you say and still let her win the argument half the time, the patience that appears once she’s in your presence, and the way you love is utterly one of a kind.

You are my dad, my uncle, my grandpa, my boyfriend, my friends, and even the strangers on the street who’ve held the door or simply exchanged a smile that made my better. You are the men in my life who have shaped me into a better woman.

You are the glimmer of hope that exists in every woman’s heart. You are the destination of every man who is on a journey of how a human being should be.

I hope you don’t forget how brave you’ve always been, how fearless you’ve become, and how your hard work will always be acknowledged. I hope you remember that saying how you feel can never be a sign of weakness but a sign of strength because sometimes when we tell the right people what’s really going on in our thoughts, half of the problem disappears.

Thank you for being one of the many great men left standing in a world where being a man is only known as an excuse to be aggressive, violent, or heartless. Thank you for being brave enough to love the women in your life unconditionally. Thank you for always being there when we need it the most even when it’s really bad timing. Thank you for setting an example of a how a man should be for the next generation to follow and improve on.

To all my fellow women reading this, regardless of what the wrong men have done in your past, let this be an example of how there are STILL men out there who will stand up for you, protect you, and love you. They’d do anything in their power to provide for you and guide you in a direction you’ve always wanted to go. These men could never dream of hurting you because letting you down is one of their biggest fears. These men are all around; you just have to look closer.