To The One Who Got Away, But Came Back


I liked you before. Back in the old days, where the boys were still shy and the girls would always wonder if they liked them back.

I liked you before. When we were still young and I was still naive. When I dreamed of being a damsel in distress and you as the handsome knight that will come to rescue me from evil’s clutches.

I liked you before. Back when the timing was wrong, and we were still poison to each others’ hearts. Temporarily blinded by fantasies and false realities.

It was obvious that we wouldn’t work out. There were too many variables, too many hindrances.

We remained friends for years after that. We grew up. We fell in love with different people. We experienced heartbreak. We had our own demons to conquer.

Though people came and went out of my life, you still stayed. You were there when I was crumbling. You held me together to keep my pieces from breaking again and again. I’ll never forget that. You were my constant.

With all the late night talks, the funny antics, and inside jokes, we fell in love again. It was the kind of love that builds up slowly, like waking up each day, and every morning you know you’re falling harder and harder until it finally fills your heart and soul— like the steady flow of a river that washes over you.

I am grateful we were given a second chance by the universe. It was like a loose string having chance to be tied together again after all these years. Our love was stronger now, built on the foundations of friendship and growth.

You loved me in ways I couldn’t love myself. You saw me at my darkest and stayed. You were always patient and kind. You saw my scars and if it was possible, you loved me more for it. You taught me to fight. You heal me. And for that, I am forever thankful.

I think that my atoms were near yours when the universe was created. And those atoms would always seem to find a way back to one another.

Because somehow, my thoughts, my heart, my soul— they keep coming back to you.

My love, you are one-in-a-million. You’re the fire in my heart. You’re the gold that keeps my broken pieces together. You’re my torch in the darkness. You’re my first ever reverie and my very last wish.

I love you now. While we’re both teenagers that still don’t know what to do in life.

I love you now. Even after all the heartbreaks and battles we faced throughout the years.

And I will always love you even until we’re left as specks of stardust in the galaxy.