Wherever You Are, You Always Need A Best Friend


Since I was a kid I’ve always had a best friend. I always thought it was very important. As time passed, who that person was has changed. However, I am lucky, I’ve always had someone who I could talk with for hours, laugh with for no reason, and share all of my thoughts and ideas. Wherever I was, I always needed a best friend.

I have been living my whole life in the same city, so it was not that difficult to keep in touch with friends. But I graduated and realized life was not a straight line anymore.

When you are a teenager life might seem confusing, but you know you are a teenager so that’s okay, you can be lost, all teenagers are. You believe that when you grow up, you definitely will figure everything out. You will know things for sure, be an expert. No more doubts. You remember how your parents always seemed confident, with that “I know what I’m doing” look. Only later when you grow up, will they be brave enough to tell you, that even right now they still can be afraid, or lost, or have no clue what to do.

And the most surprising news is that’s okay to have all those feelings at any age.

And unfortunately that your best friend who always has been supportive and caring might not be around. I felt this really acutely in the last year. I lived in a different part of the world where no one spoke my native language.

There were many moments when I needed to make important decisions, when I needed support. But instead, I got angry at myself too easily, criticizing, blaming.  Later I thought if I had a friend like that, I would not even let him come to my house.

So it’s interesting that we would not let others behave like we easily can behave with ourselves. I’m still learning to be a good friend to myself.  Be a kind and supportive friend.

Someone who can say it’s okay to be afraid, tired and even lazy, take a break, do nothing sometimes.  Someone who will know how to celebrate moments of success, not just pushing right away “do more, better, faster.”

Someone who can make a cup of tea, bring some chocolate, and honestly believe that next time everything will work out because you are worth it, if this time you fail.

It’s something incredibly fortunate to have someone like that by your side. But he or she might not always be around. Then you might have only yourself. And it’s in your best interest that you be pleasant company, because no matter what, you’ll be with yourself until the very end.