To The Toxic Boyfriend My Best Friend Left, She’s Stronger Without You


She let you hurt her because she wanted to believe you were the one who was worth it. she wanted to believe in a fairy tale in this wicked world too.

There was nothing wrong in that but the only difference was that you were the wrong frog and she was the princess. She just kept on kissing you thinking you would change yourself into a fine gentleman that she deserves. She believed in a forever and one day to go with you but you kept on disappointing her.

She built walls from being herself and from everything meant the world to her, just because you asked her to, or more like you forced her to. That was unfair for her in every way. Im glad those walls are falling down now. She didn’t deserve that.

Anyone would know if someone loves somebody so deeply, they let them free, they would support them win the world they deserve but you caged her and expected her to be okay with limited options like you when she could have had the world staring at her when she talks, when she could have had the time of her life.

She is tired waiting for it to get better.
She is tired telling you “let’s give it one more chance”.
She is tired telling you how she really feels deep inside.
She is tired seeing her words go away unheard.
She is tired watching you disrespect her.
She is tired trying to communicate.
She is tired saying sorry for things she didn’t do.
She is tired hoping you’ll love her back to life.


You put her so down, she realised that she wasn’t anywhere near she truly belonged. You let her down so much, she is giving you up.

And the best part is I dont see a thing that she loses; may be a frog who tried to cage a princess(which is impossible).

For you, a woman who you wouldn’t meet in a million years, mark my words, I know my bestfriend. She would have come over oceans for you, but you wouldn’t even jump a puddle for her because of your ego. You were a habit that she couldn’t get rid of. You were the home for her that she thought had been yearning for years.

But now,

I see her taking a strong leap with a heavy heart, It’s taking all she has got but I hope it turns out well for her. Time will do its magic.

I hope it finds her the love and respect she deserves.
I hope she finds the guy who finds value in her.
I hope she finds happiness around the people who really love her.
I hope she will be able to fly again so free and far away as much as her heart wishes to go.
I hope she never settles and loves harder.