When They Say, ‘Just Give It Time’


They say time heals the pain, but it is always not the case. Time hides those feelings that caused the pain so it wont be recurring into you. It wont be easy to get over something you felt so deeply for, or somebody you thought that would be there with you forever.

You’ll hate yourself, you will go through that pain of your heart literally aching, literally feeling like its breaking into pieces. Nobody can give you a time period of how long the pain is going to last but you got to believe in two things; That storms do come and it also passes.

Life wont be easy for anyone all the time. Bad times do come so that we can recognise the good times, Bad people will be there so that we can recognise the good ones, bad things are going to happen so that we will cherish good things more often, Tragedies would occur, so that we would guard the fortunes we have been left with.

Our hearts are meant to break. It makes us experience things we shouldn’t but that only makes us stronger than ever for the future that we never see coming. We never know how and when things go bad or good, if it would be small or big, but it happens.

It just happens, we won’t be prepared for it, but make sure you know how to survive a storm. Learn how to be a good man in a storm. At the end of the day, you are all you’ve got. You got to help yourself coming over the mess you made into. No matter how many people stand by you or how many are actually there for you, you do you just because no one else really can get you out of it.

When your heart breaks, right at that moment, time stops for you. You feel like you are nowhere. You don’t feel anything. You don’t look around because nothing makes sense to you anymore. But just like you feel the world turns upside down for you, in that moment, it’ll turn your life into a different path as well.

You realise things you had never realised before. You start to feel things more than you ever felt before. You’ll stand up again with so much strength that nobody will ever be able to take you down. Everything will start changing. It would be the moment of your life where you decide whether you are taking yourself down or taking yourself to another level up.

Time is something that we have labelled into numbers but the truth is time isn’t there at all ; in fact- we never can regain or relive the second we just passed but it also heals pain, comforts us and sometimes it also hides the scars that causes us the pain.

But the irony of it all is, You’ll feel like time does not exist but time will decide everything you will do. It would all fall into places once you start loving yourself, Once you decide to let it happen the way it is should be.

Trust me when I say your heart won’t always be in pieces. It’ll be mended. Time only makes you stronger if you let it flow the way it is supposed to.

Just like they say, “Give it time”.