Wait For A Love That Feels Like Home


In the Korean language, there is a similarity in the pronunciation of the words “people” and “love”. Meanwhile in the English language, “love” and “live” bears a similar pronunciation. We live, so we love. We love, so we can live. Love makes the world go round. As much as we try to deny it, people are in need of love. People thrive because of love.

Home is not necessarily housed between the confines of your four walls. Home can be found within our comfort zones, causes we are passionate for, and within the hearts of people we love.

Wait for a love that feels like home.

Someone that you can be completely yourself around. Someone who thinks that your adorable quirks are what makes you who you are. Someone you are able to share whatever is on your mind with. Someone who is able to laugh with you, yet also dry the tears falling from your eyes. Someone who is able to hold your hand and assure you that everything will be okay but who is unafraid to call you out when you are in the wrong.

Wait for a love that feels like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Someone who is more than just a partner. Someone who feels like family. Someone you are able to see yourself sharing a lifetime with. Someone you want to care about just because it’s them. Someone you wouldn’t mind picking up a 5 AM call for just because you wanted to hear if they are doing okay. Someone who is worth the time zones, the late-night calls, and the distance.

Wait for a love that feels like home.

Someone who makes all the bad days go away, even just for a little while. Someone who uplifts you and supports you. Someone who encourages you to pursue your dreams. Someone who learns to love those dear to you as much as you do. Someone who reminds you to re-center your focus on what matters. Someone who prays for you, and prays with you. Someone who chooses to walk with you, through the thick and the thin. Someone who also allows you to walk with them, through their thick and thin.

Wait for a love that feels like home. It’s worth the wait.