Dude Stops People Wearing Headphones To Ask What They're Listening To


Upon seeing the title of this video I expected it to be some kind of lightly malicious, funny video in which passersby were somewhat harassed and annoyed by a juvenile sort of prank, but it actually turns out to be quite smile-inducing. It’s cute to see people grin sheepishly and ‘admit’ to what’s on their headphones, while others’ matter-of-fact reactions give an insight into their lives – who they really are and how they’re, at that moment, perceiving the world around them.

Music on headphones has the power to change monotonous daily walks home or to the grocery store into secret cinematic, meaningful adventures of which the listener is the only one aware. I’ve often thought about that with my headphones on – how a certain song can infuse so much meaning into a homeless person begging for change, the cars passing by, or a crowded downtown sidewalk, for example – but I’ve also thought it funny that no one has any idea about the world of meaning I’m currently swimming in. It’s sweet to be able to share that feeling, for once, by watching this video.

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