We Are Two Sames In This Destined Life


Two birds taking flight into the endless sky.
Two words intertwined through locks of fate: you, I.
Two nights, strangers passing; guided by the wind of the moon.
Two lights shining from your eyes like the brightest of Junes.

Two times, my heart beats before seeing you.
Two rights to counter the wrongs I’ve done to pull through.
Two birds on the edge of my hometown window screen peeking in.
Two roads to take us down our highest win.

Hush, hush –
I meant to tell you;
You are the way a secret burns to hold.
I light torches, I swim rivers across heavy, lightless pulls.
I’ll drown the waters and light myself whole to get to you.

Hush, hush –
I meant to tell you;
You are Midas and I am treasure forbidden to your touch.
I gleam like gold through the rustles of dried up leaves buried deep beneath your family’s century-old oak tree.
I’ll be alive and breathing, or a statue in your garden.
I’ll mend your broken heart and be anything you want so you always have me near.

Two strokes to set the scene.
Two parallels of the sun setting.
Two beginnings of a continued morning.
Two highs for a graceless fall.
Two cries for the painless haul.

Tick tock, tick tock –
Time has never been kind.
But you have always been right.
Nothing will ever change in this life.
What is mine is yours.
What is yours is in every part of my intrinsic life.

I build flower gates up on tropic lakes far from winter; to hold our memories near.
I fly like promises and midnight whispers that fall from your lips into my ears.
Light years pass in motions of intentional delays and sandpaper friction; the making of my delicate embroidery pinned to your seams.
We are happy here; you are every bit my happiness.

Two birds, two nights, two lights, conjoining the hearts of our lives.
For you, it’s always me. And for me, it’s always you.