We Need Live Action Remakes Of Pixar Movies


Big-time Hollywood executive here to air out some ideas for you.

Disney Animation has done a fabulous job of reimagining it’s classic films into gorgeously produced live-action events. What we need now is for the other half of the company, Pixar, to do the exact same things with their movies.

Pixar has done a truly Herculean (zero to hero) effort at creating realistic animation (except for The Adventures of André and Wally B.) for it’s film projects. It’s time that Disney follows the trends and tosses that right in the ol’ garbage. Live-action is in and computers are out! (Except for all the special effects work.)

For it’s newest reimagining, Cinderella, Disney took the core concept from the hand-drawn and deeply imperfect cartoon sketch they made in the 50’s and threw celebrities and set designers at it until it was art. Pixar could do the same with their classic pioneering tale Toy Story. This time, instead of clumsily modeled computer blobs we could have actual toys propped up with puppet strings or guys in green-screen suits or whatever. This, and a product tie-in with McDonald’s, is truly the only way to honor the splendour of these films.

Pixar’s animated films are newer than Disney’s, that’s true, but if there is anything the public’s thirst for superhero and fantasy films have taught us these last twenty years it’s that there’s no bigger market for a film than the reboot. Especially if Pixar has the new live-action characters from it’s films team up in a giant event picture like The Avengers. Wall-e, Buzz Lightyear, that Lorde looking girl with the bow, and, um, the house from Up form a team to battle intergalatic, uh, balloons. Wait- no- hold on- …Uh.

Or! They could do a live-action version of The Incredibles and have those guys tie into the Marvel movies. Also Big Hero Six! I didn’t see that but I heard it was a thing. Let’s make that live-action and then throw that in too. Synergy. Remakes. Awesome.

I will have my people talk to Jennifer Lawrence or that knock off one from Cancer Teenz or Diverglight whatever that was and see if she’s available to play the invisible mom. (We’ll need her younger and hotter and, oh you know!)

Oh, and while I’m thinking of it we should starting putting these live-action characters into the theme parks. I’m thinking a section which is just actors dressed up like the actors dressed up like the cartoons. That’ll blow their minds. God, I can’t believe all of this comes from me: A simple 32-year old with a degree in Marketing.

Anyway, off to my private plane.