What If It Wasn’t Over Between Us?


What if you came back?

What if you had that second cup of coffee and realized you wanted someone to share it with?

What if you got tired of having something to say and no one to say it to, to care for, to wake up next to at 4am?

What if you showed up unannounced, in the crushing reality next month will bring, and I sunk into your arms?

What if the scent of yesterday was powerful enough to break down our walls and barriers?

What if the lessons learned in goodbye and heartbreak shine right through my fake smile, and you’re finally able to accept this?

What if we danced?

What if we loved?

What if you saw through my fears and took the time to walk me through this crazy leap of faith?

What if you allowed yourself to be humble, honest, weak, and the strength of two overcome the frailty of solitude?

What if I talked candidly about those moments and called you out on your comments and me on my failures? Would you care?

What if you’d had to tell me all those honest things in person, see my heartbreak and collapse and emptiness, instead of through the screen?

What if you gave us another shot after this honesty, fighting and tears, would we work? Would it still end the same?

What if I said I was leaving this town in the dust, would the finality change your mind?

What if we sat for more than 20 minutes, would time sit still with us and let love grow?