What It Means To Be A Strong Woman Hopelessly In Love


Being a strong women in love is trusting someone with your whole heart. It’s wanting to connect on a deeper level than just the exterior. It’s wanting more than just a temporary vice. More than just a temporary fix. 

Being a strong woman in love is learning and laughing while taking a few stumbles down the way. It’s shaping your life with someone but simultaneously creating your own life just for you.

It’s tripping over rocks when you seem him smiling at you, but standing your ground when he turns away.

Being a strong woman in love is letting your walls come down and hang with the rest of your glistening body. It’s not having your guard up anymore, not being scared of being vulnerable. It’s letting your lover see all of your tears and all of your fears.

Being a strong woman in love is opening up your heart to someone, fully knowing that you could get your heart broken once again.

It’s believing in love, no matter how many times it has shattered you. It’s taking a leap of faith, when all hope has done, is run out on you.

Being a strong woman in love is still making room for your other loved ones. It’s letting all kinds of love into your life, not just one. It’s sharing your family with the one you love, making your hands sweat with anxiety and giddy anticipation.

Being a strong woman in love is finding happiness in the little things. It’s feeling butterflies explode in your stomach from a simple kiss. It’s feeling absolutely everything in a simple hug. It’s recognizing that you are lucky, and it’s recognizing that the person you’re with is lucky too. Because they have you.

Being a strong woman in love is never settling for easy. It’s being able to wrestle and fight for what you want. It’s having arguments and conversations about how to better yourself and your relationship. It’s saying ‘no’ when you need to and ‘yes’ when you want to.

Being a strong woman in love is learning how to love deeply and boldly. It’s learning how to be cared for you when you too tired from being so strong all the time. It’s learning how to let go of your insecurities and your downfalls. It’s being able to undress all of your scars and your flaws without wincing.

It’s learning how to love yourself through the eyes of your lover.

But being a strong woman in love is also recognizing that sometimes relationships end. It’s being able to recognize when something needs to die. It’s being strong enough to say goodbye because you know it will be better for your well being. It’s having enough courage to step away when you know that it’s not going to be forever. And it’s being able to live by yourself, on your own, without anyone else’s love.

Being a strong woman in love is being capable of saying hello and saying goodbye. It’s knowing when something is right and when something is wrong. It’s loving someone so hard, and breaking when you let them go.

And then it’s being able to pick yourself up, without him.

Being a strong woman in love is not someone who is weak. For, a strong woman in love is the strongest of them all, because even if that love dies and rots in the ground, she will always feel it in her chest. And she will always know that that beautiful piece of love was worth every second.

She will not be bitter when it ends. She will not curse the day he was born. She will rise above it, above the dust and above the flood. And she will believe once gain, that love is still alive. Love will always be alive.