What Your Buffy Ship Says About You



You’re the beeeeest. You’re so cute and healthy and snuggley. Oh myyy god. You make me want to pinch your cheeks and draw hearts all around you. If Willow and Tara are your ship, you’re a sweet person with a slight edge. Don’t let your small power get to your head and ruin the great things you have going. Watch the arrogance. You’re too perfect to lose.


Ooooh. You effed up, buddy. You have some dark impulses to work out through violence and sex and sexual violence. You try to be sweet but in the end, you really just have to screw everything up. You can’t help yourself. Going through life is like picking at a scab for you — it hurts so good.


Heeeey, lez be friends? You’re a dark, twisted, sexy little thing and I like it. You probably wear dark lipstick and come from the wrong side of the tracks. But you’ve got a soft spot for the soft pink goodness of a goody-two-shoes. You like to push people to their limits, expecting them to abandon you. Hurt them before they hurt you, right? Dark sh-t.


You’re blunt and frank and don’t see why people’s feelings need to get in the way of facts. Luckily, you have another side where you’re able to see humanity and feel emotions. You balance out on your own or maybe you need to find the yin to your yang. When looking for a partner, opposites attract. I suggest finding someone who has everything you don’t and who “completes” you.


You’re sweet and you believe first loves are often true loves. You’re gentle and tender and you go into things with a sensitive, sweet heart. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a dark side. You feel a pull to give in to your impulses that you just might let overtake you. Be careful. It could ruin whatever good stuff you have going on.


You love drama and happiness often eludes you. You want what you can’t have and you live for chaotic, sad relationships. If your partner doesn’t have some deep, emotional edge, you don’t want to be there. But you do it to yourself. You tell yourself it’s true love but it’s really just intense, youthful lust and self-destructive tendencies. Get it together, mopey!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyu7YlK1fSk&w=600&h=350]

Okay so you’re not canon but you almost were! You’re always wondering about what could have been. SO CLOSE. So…hot? You’re a rollercoaster of a person. Hate me, love me, screw me. You’ve got a firey personality and you don’t take sass lying down. You’re sexy and weird and sort of don’t make sense, but sort of really, really do.


Hahaha. No. Come on.

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